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Upload Data

Upload data from a comma or tab separated file.

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Upload data from a .xls or .xlsx file.

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Upload data from a .json file.

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Upload data from a .dta file.

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Upload data from a .sav file.

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Upload data from a .sas7bdat file.

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Select Data Set

Select a data set from the drop down box and click on submit.

Data Transformation

Rename variables and modify data types.

Rename Variable
Modify Data Type

Select Variables

Click on Yes to select variables.

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Filter Data

Click on Yes to filter data.

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Data Screening

Screen data for missing values, verify column names and data types.


Summary Statistics

Generate descriptive statistics for continuous data.



Frequency Tables

Generates frequency table for factor data and returns the frequency, cumulative frequency, frequency percent, cumulative frequency percent and a bar plot.



Frequency Table (Quantitative Data)

Generates the frequency distribution of continuous data by splitting the data into equidistant intervals created based on the number of bins specified.





Two Way Tables

Generates two way tables of categorical variables. The tables created can be visualized as barplots and mosaicplots.

Variable 1:

Variable 2:


Multiple One Way Tables

Generates multiple one way tables.


Multiple Two Way Tables

Generates multiple two way tables.


Group Summary Statistics

Generates descriptive statistics of a continuous variable for the different levels of a categorical variable.

Grouping Variable:

Summary Variable:


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